09 December 2002. St. Petersburg.

The trial sounding of the film Father and Son in progress.
05 December 2002. St. Petersburg.

Lenfilm–Video has issued Moscow Elegy on VHS. The Lonely Voice of Man is prepared for release.
03 December 2002. St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg director Alexander Sokurov has expressed his negative attitude towards the fact that his film RUSSIAN ARK is nominated for the European film prize Felix in two personal nominations: “Best Director” and “Best Operator”, without appraising the film in general. He has informed the Board of the European Film Academy about this, having explained that his attitude is based not on personal ambition, but on the necessity to preserve the accurate moral context, while appraising this experience, which is undoubtedly the first in the history of cinema. The feature film about the three centuries of the Russian history was made in the Hermitage during a one–time shooting (without breaks) which lasted for 90 minutes.

“I suggested that our film should be de–personified in the international cinema space — without praising the efforts of some collaborators, but admitting the role of the whole team. In my opinion, this would be the most fair decision”, said the director and author of the idea of the film in his exclusive interview to the ITAR–TASS correspondent Oleg Serdobolsky.
03 December 2002. Moscow.

It is announced that Alexander Sokurov is awarded the Triumph Prize for 2002.
29 November 2002. St. Petersburg.

Sokurov sends a letter to the European Film Academy in which he explains his decision to remove Russian Ark from both nominations.
27 November 2002. St. Petersburg.

The European Film Academy several times addresses the director in writing, expressing its regrets about the accident and asking him to change his decision.
19 November 2002. St. Petersburg.

1st letter to the European Film Academy.
17 November 2002. Berlin (Germany).

The European Film Academy nominates the film Russian Ark for Felix Award in two nominations: “Best Director”, “Best Operator”.
14 November 2002. St. Petersburg.

The digital montage of Father and Son in progress.
01 November 2002. Lisbon (Portugal).

The shooting of the film Father and Son in progress.
18 October 2002. Sao Paolo (Brazil).

International Cinema Festival. In the framework of the festival a retrospective of Alexander Sokurov's works will take place. All Sokurov's feature films and numerous documentaries will be shown.
15 October 2002. St. Petersburg.

6 pm. National Public Library. The premiere of the video documentary Sokurov and others will take place. The movie features the main actors of certain Sokurov's movies as well as the notable artists and public figures Mikhail Piotrovsky, Mihail Shemiakin, Valeria Novodvorskaya, Georges Nivat, Victor Kosakovsky, and others. The film was made by Alexandra Tuchinskaya. Produced by Bereg Studio, 2002.
09 September 2002. St. Petersburg.

Basil Island. On the Gulf of Finland shore at a specially built set the shooting of the feature film Father and Son has started. The script was written by Sergey Potepalov. The principle parts are played by the non–professional performers Andrei Schetinin and Alexei Neimyshev.

On the Gulf of Finland shore.
09 August 2002. Vyborg.

The Cinema Festival “Window to Europe”. The Festival opens with the Russian premier of the film Russian Ark.

Alexander Sokurov on the festival “Window to Europe”.
03 August 2002. St. Petersburg.

Rehearsals with actors, camera tests (operator Alexander Burov) and building of the set (designer Natalia Kochergina) for the film Father and Son.
01 August 2002. St. Petersburg.

Auditions and selection of the place for shooting on location (film Father and Son).
27 July 2002. Krakow (Poland).

The Centre of Japanese Art and Technology “╠└NGGH└” — Alexander Sokurov is hosted by the founder of the centre Andrzej Wajda.

Alexander Sokurov and Andrzej Wajda.
26 July 2002. Szczecin (Poland).

Alexander Sokurov arrives in Szczecin. Meeting with the spectators in Dom Narodovy after the screening of Moscow Elegy.
20 July 2002. Szczecin (Poland).

Mickevic Theatre. Taurus is presented in the main (competition) program of the Festival.
18 July 2002. Szczecin (Poland).

The Film Festival “New Horizons” is opened.
18 July 2002. Szczecin (Poland).

Alexander Sokurov's documentaries are presented in the special program of the Film Festival “New Horizons” in Dom Narodovy: Elegy (21, 23), dolce… (22), Elegy of a Voyage (19, 27), Elegy from Russia (25), Moscow Elegy (20–26), Oriental Elegy (21–27), Simple Elegy (23–24), Soviet Elegy (27).
28 June 2002. St. Petersburg.

Work on the director's script for Father and Son in progress.
25 May 2002. Warsaw (Poland).

Moloch and Taurus are presented in the framework of the Festival “St. Petersburg – Warsaw”.
12 May 2002. Cannes (France).

Alexander Sokurov's new film “Russian Ark” represents Russia at the International Film Festival in Cannes. Upon watching the pilot version, a panel of experts selected the film to be shown in the main (competition) program. Approximate date of the screening – 20 May 2002.
11 April 2002. Germany.

Sokurov's group is working on the final visual and sound version of Russian Ark.

At Kopp–film studio (Berlin) works on artistic revision of image are in progress (correction of colour and light, intra–shot montage).

At the Kopp–film studio.

At F studio (Babelsberg) (sound stage arranged in the former movie theatre of “DEFA” studio) the soundtrack of the video version is being put together and re–recorded.
10 March 2002. Ontario (Canada).

Retrospective of movies and video films by Alexander Sokurov.

Organizer of the retrospective James Quandt says: “Amazing – we sold out the screening of the Shostakovich film yesterday afternoon, even with the entire nation (well, not me!) glued to their televisions because of the USA–Canada hockey final in the Olympics. The streets were almost like a ghost town…”
10 March 2002. Ohio (USA).

The Wexner Centre for the Arts, Ohio State University. Retrospective of movies and video films by Alexander Sokurov.
21 February 2002. New York (USA).

The Museum of Modern Art, Department of Film and Media. Alexander Sokurov: Retrospective. This three–week retrospective presents 18 programs of movies and video films (27 films) by Alexander Sokurov, produced in different years.
10 February 2002. St. Petersburg.

Music for the soundtrack to Russian Ark has been recorded.

Recording of music played by the Mariinsky Theatre orchestra in the theatre auditorium.
15 January 2002. St. Petersburg.

Tests on digital image and recording of actors' voices for Russian Ark are in progress.

Actor Sergei Dreiden, performer of the principal part, at the sound stage.