11 November 2007. Russia.

The russian premieres of film “Alexandra” will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

16 November. Moscow.
11.00 - press–showing of film “Alexandra” in ATRIUM.
14.00 - press–conference for RIA–News at Zubovsky parkway.

19 November. St. Petersburg. Mikhailovsky Theatre.
12.00 - press–showing of film “Alexandra”.
14.00 - press–conference.
19.30 - VIP showing.

20 November. St. Petersburg. “Coliseum” cinema.
The opened premiere of film “Alexandra”.

22 November. Moscow. Cinema center “October”.
19.00 - premiere of film “Alexandra”.
07 November 2007. Los–Angeles (USA).

11 November. In Los–Angeles will take place a VIP–premiere of Sokurov’s film “Alexandra”.
25 October 2007. Kiev (Ukraine).

23 October. “MULTIPLEX”. Alexander Sokurov attended the solemn opening of retrospective and presented his film “Alexandra” to spectators. (Film was demonstrated in the cinema hall named in honour of director Alexander Sokurov). In the same day there was a press–conference where Sokurov gave some few exclusive interviews.

The next day there was a performance on TV and on the radio “ERA FM”.
14 October 2007. Kiev (Ukraine).

From 23 October till 11 December there will be a retrospective of Sokurov's films in the cinema network “MULTIPLEX–HOLDING”. Films “Save and Protect”, “The Second Circle”, “Mother And Son”, “Whispering Pages”, “Stone”, “The Sun”, “Spiritual Voices”, “Confession”, “Oriental Elegy”, “A Humble Life”, “The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn”, “Dolce”, “Elegy Of Life” will be shown in Kiev. Feature films will be also shown in cities Donetsk and Nikolaev.
21 September 2007. St. Petersburg.

11 October. In city Nalchik (Kabardino–Balkaria) will take place the premiere of film “Alexandra”.

19–21 November. In one of these days in Mikhailovsky theatre will take place St. Petersburg’s premiere of film “Alexandra”. There is expected the presence of a main role performer Galina Vishnevskaya.

22 November. Film “Alexandra” will be released in Russia.
19 September 2007. Moscow.

The Academy of Russian Television awarded Sokurov’s film “Elegy of life. Rostropovich. Vishnevskaya” the prize TEFI in three nominations: “For best film”, “For best director” and “For best cameraman’s work”.
23 August 2007. Venice (Italy).

6 September. Lido Island. Excelsior Hotel terrace. Within the framework of Venice Festival a premium “Bresson” is going to be handed to Alexander Sokurov. The premium is awarded to director Sokurov for his contribution to the cinema which gives an example of the artist behavior, for attention to the spiritual search of the man and for indefatigable search for the eternal.

The premium has been established by the Italian Council of shows together with Vatican. It will be handed by Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice His Eminence Angelo Scola. After the handing of the premium there will be a press conference and then — official dinner.
04 June 2007. Paris (France).

Alexander Sokurov has attended the closing ceremony of the retrospective of his films which was hold by Paris National cinemateque for three months.
27 May 2007. Stavropol territory.

The Russian premiere of Alexander Sokurov’s film “Rostropovich and Vishnevskaya. Elegy of life” has become a special event of XVI International Film Forum “Zolotoy Vityaz” (22–31 May, 2007). Sokurov was handed an Award of Sergey Bondarchuk “For the outstanding contribution to a cinema”.
28 April 2007. Moscow.

New scene of the Big Theatre. Russian TV channel “Culture” had held a live broadcast of the Mussorgsky opera “Boris Godunov” staged by Sokurov.

24 April 2007. Moscow.

The premiere performances of Mussorgsky's opera “Boris Godunov” staged by Alexander Sokurov will take place in the new building of the Big Theatre in Moscow. The conductor is Alexander Vedernikov, the artists are Yuri Kuper and Pavel Kaplevich.

Alexander Sokurov.

Yuri Kuper.
22 April 2007. Cannes (France).

Film “Alexandra” has been selected for the competition programme of the 60th International Film Festival in Cannes, which will take place from 16 to 27 May.
28 March 2007. Japan.

The premiere of documentary “Elegy of Life” will take place in Japan on 21 April. The film trailer is available on Japanese site www.sokurov.jp

25 March 2007. St. Petersburg.

The postproduction period of the work on film “Alexandra” is getting finished.
22 March 2007. Moscow.

Alexander Sokurov is on the rehearsals of his performance “Boris Godunov” in Big Theatre. The performance is planned to be issued in April.
27 February 2007. St. Petersburg.

The work on film “Elegy of Life” had finished.
10 January 2007. St. Petersburg.

The postproduction of documentary “Elegy of Life” goes on.