22 December 2008. The Channel One (Russia).

The dialogue between Alexander Sokurov and Vladimir Posner was broadcasted on the telecast “Posner“. Official website of the broadcast (only in Russian): www.1tv.ru.

Alexander Sokurov and Vladimir Posner.
11 December 2008. Moscow.

The meeting between Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia and the National Artist of Russia Alexander Sokurov took place in the Prime Minister’s residence in Zavidovo. The conversation was based around questions of culture and cinema development within Russia, whilst also being a conversation about the country as a whole. The problems connected with new construction, the destruction of the historical monuments, and, the tendencies of the modern architecture within Saint Petersburg were also mentioned. Sokurov recalled the protest of the Saint Petersburg public against the modern architectural infringements on the architectural traditions of the city.
17 November 2008. Minsk (Byelarus).

Within the framework of the International Film Festival “Listopad” there was a press–conference with Alexander Sokurov. He gave a speech before the screening of his film “Mother and son“. The films “Oriental Elegy“, “Humble Life“, and “Dolce” were shown in a programme of documentary films.
21 September 2008. Saint Petersburg.

Sokurov participates in the ecologic movement “Green Wave” that fights against the commercial development of public areas in the Petrogradsky District. The well–known artists, ecologists, and, inhabitants of the district have planted trees in the sites where a business centre is planning to build. They also started to arrange a children's play area on the site.
09 July 2008. Milan (Italy).

Sokurov participates in the conference connected to the premiere of the film “Alexandra” in Milan, July 2008.

Alexander Sokurov in Milan.
09 May 2008. Italy.

“Alexandra” is on release from 6th May 2008.
09 May 2008. Saint Petersburg.

Sokurov gave a speech in the live radio broadcast “Echo of St. Petersburg“.