09 September 2009. Venice (Italy).

The video film “Blockade Book” will be shown within the framework of the Venice Film Festival.
05 June 2009. St. Petersburg.

The master copies of the films “Save and Protect”, “Stone”, and, “Whispering Pages” are going to be produced in the director's cut version.
28 May 2009. St. Petersburg.

Work for the series of the video interviews “Intonation” has now finished.

1) Sergey Slonimsky. Composer.
2) Boris Averin. Philologist.
3) Vladimir Yakoonin. President of the LLC “Russian railways”.
4) Yuri Shmidt. Lawyer.
5) Valery Zorkin. President of the Constitutional Court of The Russian Federation.
6) Arsen Kanokov. President of the Kabardino–Balkar Republic.
11 May 2009. Reykjavik (Iceland).

Alexander Sokurov and his crew are going to Iceland to select landscapes for the “Faust” project.

07 April 2009. St. Petersburg.

Alexander Sokurov's crew continue working on the Faust project and proceeded to be begin casting.
14 March 2009. St. Petersburg.

Alexander Sokurov continues work on the series of video interviews “Intonation”. This production is in association with the 100TV channel (general producer Oleg Rudnov).
21 February 2009. St. Petersburg.

“Bereg” Studio continue work on the new version of newsreel–documentary film “Leningrad's retrospective”.
26 January 2009. Saint Petersburg.

The premiere of the video film “Blockade Book” (adaptation of Ales Adamovich and Daniel Granin’s book) broadcasted on 100 FM–TV. It is devoted to the blockade of Leningrad. The memories of the citizens of the blockaded city were read by the citizens of the modern day Saint–Petersburg.
21 January 2009. Saint Petersburg.

The shooting of a new documentary, “Intonation”, is going to start towards the end of January. Interviews with representatives of different professions, beliefs, and, opinions will be put into the single film. “The people of our time” will make a collective portrait of our contemporaries.