23 December 2006. Nizhniy Novgorod.

The retrospective of Sokurov’s films, which was lasting during the whole 2006 year, had been finished by demonstration of the film “Elegy of Life” and meeting of Sokurov with spectators. Organizers of the retrospective are Cinema Center of Nizhniy Novgorod and Rimma Gribkovskaya. The local television had shot a talk of Sokurov with his first mentor Yuriy Bespalov.
21 December 2006. Paris (France).

French firm «Ideale Audience International» put out on DVD the set of Sokurov's documentaries by exclusive license of studio “Bereg” with English and Italian subtitles:
1. “Elegy Of The Land” which united two early pictures of the director: “Maria” and “Last Day Of A Rainy Summer”. They are connected with his work on Gor’kov TV studio in 70–th.The last picture (which wasn’t included in official filmography) represents a television reportage from an ordinary collective farm in the U.S.S.R.: hard–working people who love their work just because they are brought up to do so, with almost no rewards in life, and in an atmosphere contaminated with official rhetoric.
2. “Moscow Elegy”.
3. “Elegy Of A Voyage”, “Hubert Robert. A Fortunate Life”.
10 December 2006. St. Petersburg.

The work on the background of the film “Alexandra” goes on.
03 December 2006. Perugia (Italy).

Alexander Sokurov held the meeting with audience. Within the framework of the meeting his new film “Elegy of life” was shown. During Sokurov’s visit of picture gallery the Italian television shot his comments about painting.
01 December 2006. Rome (Italy).

President Palace. Sokurov gets the Award of the great film director, founder of Italian neorealism, Vittorio De Sica for the “contribution to consolidation of new cinema in the world”. A medal was presented by the President of Italian Republic Jorjo Napolitano.

The presentation of Vittorio De Sica Award.
The President Jorjo Napolitano, Gian Luigi Rondi and Alexander Sokurov.

The Vittorio De Sica Award was established after the death of the great Italian director in 1975 and it is under patronage of President of Italian Republic.
18 November 2006. Mannheim (Germany).

Within the framework of 55th International Film Festival Mannheim–Heidelberg there was a celebration in honour of Sokurov for his excellence as an art film director.
06 October 2006. St. Petersburg.

The Small Scene of theatre “Baltic House”. In the framework of the XVI International Theatre Festival “Baltic House” the Alexandra Tuchinskaya's documentary film “Sokurov And Others” will be shown.
04 October 2006. Reykjavik (Iceland).

Sokurov attends the III Reykjavik International Film Festival where his film “Elegy of Life” will be shown. Director will hold a master class.
15 August 2006. St. Petersburg.

The group of Alexander Sokurov have returned from the expedition to Chechnya and now they are editing the feature film “Alexandra”.
11 August 2006. Locarno, Switzerland.

The Leopard of Honour was presented to Alexander Sokurov.

01 August 2006. Locarno (Switzerland).

Alexander Sokuov is a honorary guest of the 59th Locarno International Film Festival. Here is the information from the festival's site:

“Leopard of Honour goes to Alexander Sokurov”
Locarno international film Festival is proud to award the Leopard of Honour for its 59th edition to the Russian master Alexander Sokurov, whose career has always been dear to Locarno. Sokurov distinguished himself here in 1987, with the Bronze Leopard for his first film “Odinokiy golos cheloveka” (The Lonely Human Voice), then, ten years later with the first Video Prize for his documentary “Dukhovnye Golosa” (Spiritual Voices). He was also a member of the official Jury in 1990. This year, Sokurov will screen his new film “Elegy of Life”, about the Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, at Locarno, as a world premiere.

Alexander Sokurov will be in Locarno from the 9th to the 13th of August, and he will receive the Award on Friday the 11th august 2006 on the Piazza Grande.
01 July 2006. Chechen Republic.

Alexander Sokurov with his group has departed to Chechen Republic on the shootings of new film “Alexandra”.
14 June 2006. St. Petersburg.

Alexander Sokurov is fifty five years. The director was congratulated on his jubilee by Nikita Mihalkov, Evgeny Gerasimov, Michail Porechenkov, Marlen Hutsiev from the Russian Cinematographers' Union, Evgeny Tatarsky from the St. Petersburg's Cinematographers' Union, Film–academy “Nika”, deputy head of the Federal Agency on Culture and Cinematography Alexander Golutva, a chairman of Culture Committee Nikolaj Burov, art head–director Valery Gergiev and the all collective of the Mariinsky Theatre, Russian National Library, the governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
07 April 2006. St. Petersburg.

The State University of Film & TV. Sokurov meets students of the university.

On the meeting.
12 March 2006. Naples (Italy).

The University of Ursula. The project under the name “The absolute of the power” (L'assoluto del potere) presents three films of Sokurov about dictators of new time. 18 March — “Moloch”, “Telets”. 21 March — “The Sun”. 21–23 March — seminars of Alexander Sokurov.
09 March 2006. Moscow.

Academic musical theatre of K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich–Danchenko. The National Award ceremony of film critics and film–press named “White Elephant”. The premium “White Elephant” for 2005 has awarded to “The Sun” in 3 nominations: “Best film”, “Best work of director” (to Alexander Sokurov), “Best music for the film” (to Andrey Sigle).

“White Elephant” ticket.
28 January 2006. Moscow.

Film “The Sun” is submitted in a nomination of Film Academy of National Awards “Gold Eagle” and “Nika”. Alexander Sokurov and producers of film “The Sun” have taken off the picture from all nominations.

The Alexander Sokurov's opinion.
20 January 2006. St. Petersburg.

The montage of the film “Elegy of life” about Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya.
14 January 2006. Nalchik (Kabardino–Balkaria).

Within the framework of the project “Sokurov Island in Nalchik”, organized by the firm Saralp Gallery and A. Eutyh's jewelry house with assistance of the territory administration, the pictures “The Sun”, “Mother and Son”, “Father and Son”, “Russian Ark” were shown to the public coming to the viewings from different areas of republic. During the visit director had met the president of Kabardino–Balkaria Arsan Kanokov, the family of Sokurovs living in Kabardino–Balkaria, Adygea and Ossetia, art workers, art intelligence and journalists. Director discussed the possibility of shootings of his new film in this place with the representatives of local administration.

Family of Sokurovs in Nalchik.