18 October 2010. St. Petersburg.

The film director Alexander Sokurov, Mikhail Piotrovsky the head of the Hermitage, and, the Honoured Builder of Russian Federation Vyacheslav Zarenkov are going to become the first prize winners of the Sky Line Award. Each one of them contributed to the keeping of the architectural appearance of the Great City.

The Sky Line Award was established by the Baltic Media Group jointly with the World Club of St. Petersburg inhabitants.
15 October 2010. Paris (France).

The opening of the retrospective show of Sokurov's films will take place on 10th of October.
19 August 2010. Moscow.

Alexander Sokurov was awarded with the El Pochote Award for outstanding contribution to the culture of the world cinema at the awarding ceremony which took place in the Mexican Embassy. The director was handed a Silver Medal which represent El Pochote, the Sacred Maya tree. Alexander Sokurov then nominated the next candidates who are working in digital cinema for the Laureate. Sokurov gave his film “Reading the Blockade Book” to the Mexican filmmakers. He claimed that the shootings techniques are not based on principal for him.
11 August 2010. Nalchik.

Alexander Sokurov took a group of students (16 people) in the speciality “Direction of Film and Television” in the Kabardino–Balkar Nalchik State University.

Alexander Sokurov and the Head of the University Barasbi Karamurzov.

Press–conference in the university.
20 July 2010. Pskov.

Alexander Sokurov gets the prize in the nomination "Feat", Heritage Keepers Award for "courage, having an uncompromising and principal attitude which were shown during the fight to keep cultural heritage objects, and, the historical appearance of the country".

04 July 2010. Berlin (Germany).

The synching of the film “Faust” with the German actors is in process.
28 June 2010. Moscow.

As a result of the multistage selection the film director Alexander Sokurov has become the only nominee for “Feat“, the Heritage Keepers Award which was established by the All–Russian Society of Historical and Cultural Monuments Protection.

The prize for the nomination "Feat" is being presented for "courage, having an uncompromising and principal attitude which were shown during the fight to keep cultural heritage objects, and, the historical appearance of the country".
21 May 2010. Saint–Petersburg.

Lenfilm Studio. Work on the new film of Alexander Sokurov “Faust” is still in progress. The post–synching period has started.
15 May 2010. Moscow.

Alexander Sokurov was invited by the general directorate and selection committee of the 32nd International Moscow Film Festival to present his films of the “Intonation” cycle in a special program of the IMFF which is to be held from 17th to 26th June 2010.
05 May 2010. Moscow.

Alexander Sokurov was awarded with the prize by the All–Russian TV competition “TEFFI–REGION 2009” as part of the nomination he was awarded a Special Prize from the Russian TV Academy for the personal contribution to the progress of documentary film“.

12 April 2010. St. Petersburg.

Alexander Sokurov signed the letter of the Russian filmmakers “We don't like” about the disagreement with the attitude of the Filmmakers Union leaders.
12 April 2010. St. Petersburg.

Alexander Sokurov: “The fight for “Lenfilm” ended in failure. We are not winning the bureaucratic war with Moscow yet. We are losing “Lenfilm” studio inescapably day by day“. (http://kinote.info)
28 March 2010. St. Petersburg.

The editing of “Faust” is complete.
26 February 2010. Moscow.

“Pioneer” Cinema. Alexander Sokurov and Marco Muller, the head of Venice Film Festival, present the TV film “Reading the Blockade book“.
14 January 2010. St. Petersburg.

Editing the material for the film Faust is still in progress.