Sergei Dreiden

theatre and cinema actor

Sergei Dreiden is drama and cinema actor. He was born in 1941 in Novossibirsk into an artistic family evacuated from Leningrad. In 1962 he graduated from Drama Department of Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. Sergei worked in Leningrad Variety Theatre lead by Arcady Rykin, in Leningrad Comedy Theatre, and in Omsk Drama Theatre. He performed in mono- and small-scale productions on various stages of Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia. He took part in Leningrad TV programs, and is currently involved in literary and theatrical programs broadcast on Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) radio. Since 1960 the actor has been in the movies — his filmography includes more than 20 films.

The wide range of the actor's abilities has been most fully explored in the last years. He is capable of playing tragic and lyrical roles as well as grotesque parts, demanding precise sense of rhythm and body. He is involved in both classic and modern repertoire. Since 1990s Sergei has performed in most notable and significant productions of leading Saint Petersburg theatres — Bolshoy Drama Theatre, Theatre on Liteiny, Bely Theatre.

He has awards from several international theatre festivals; National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” for Best Actor (principal role in August Strindberg's Father, Bolshoy Drama Theatre); Saint Petersburg Theatre Award “Golden Limelight” for Best Actor (August Strindberg's Father) (1998); National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” for Best Production (Lost in the Stars after Hanoch Levin's Rubber Sellers, Theatre on Liteiny) (2000).

Parts in Sokurov's films:

2002 — the Stranger in “Russian Ark” (principal part)