Yury Arabov

script writer, prose writer, poet, commentator

Yury Arabov was born on 25 October 1954 in Moscow. In 1980 he graduated from VGIK — the All-Union State Cinematography Institute (N. Figurovsky and S. Dikoy studio).

He was among the founders of the informal club “Poezia” (Poetry) in 1986. Since 1992 Yury has been the Chief of Scritwriting Department at VGIK. He has written scripts for over than 15 movies filmed in Russian studios.

Script writer for the following Sokurov's films:

1978–87 — “The Lonely Voice of Man”
1983–87 — “Painful Indifference”
1988 — “Days of the Eclipse” (in cooperation with Arcady and Boris Strugatsky and
Piotr Kadochnikov)
1989 — “Save and Protect”
1990 — “Second Circle”
1992 — “Stone”
1993 — “Whispering Pages” (author of the dialogues in cooperation with Alexander Chernych)
1997 — “Mother and son”
1999 — “Moloch”
2000 — “Taurus”

Prizes and awards:

1999. International Cannes Festival.
Prize for the Best Script (“Moloch”).

2000. The National Cinema Award “Nika”.
Prize for the Best Script (“Taurus”).