Vladimir Persov

sound operator, producer

Awarded with Honors in Russian Arts (1997)

Vladimir Persov was born on 4 December 1945 in the village of Sobolevo in Bolsheretsky district of Khabarovsk area. He graduated from the Bonch-Bruevich Leningrad Electro Technological Institute for Telecommunications (LEIS) in 1981.

Since 1969 at Lenfilm: technician servicing sound equipment, assistant to the sound engineer, sound engineer, executive producer for Sokurov's groups “Northern Foundation” and “Bereg”. Sound operator for over 30 films made in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) studios.

In 1988 he released a record “Lonely Voice of a Man” — original soundtrack for Sokurov's films. In 1994 after the film “Whispering Pages” he released a record and a CD under the same title.

Sound operator for the following Sokurov's films:

1979-1989 — “Sonata for Hitler”
1986-1988 — “Moscow Elegy” (with A. Pugatcheva, M. Podtakuy)
1990 — “Petersburg Elegy”
1989 — “Soviet Elegy”
1990 — “To the Events in the Transcaucasian Region”
1990 — “Simple Elegy”
1990 — “Leningrad Retrospective 1957–1990”
1991 — “An Example of an Intonation”
1992 — “An Elegy from Russia”
1996 — “Hubert Robert. A Fortunate Life”
1998 — “The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn” (with S. Moshkov)

Feature films:
1978–87 — “The Lonely Voice of Man” (with I. Zhuravlyova, 1978)
1983–87 — “Painful Indifference”
1986 — “Empire” (with K. Kuzmin)
1988 — “Days of the Eclipse”
1989 — “Save and Protect”
1990 — “Second Circle”
1992 — “Stone”
1993 — “Whispering Pages”
1997 — “Mother and son”
1999 — “Moloch” (with S. Moshkov)
2002 — “Russian Ark” (with S. Moshkov)
2006 — “Alexandra”

Prizes and awards:

1988. The National Cinema Award “Nika”.
Best Sound (“Days of the Eclipse”).

1988. Lenfilm Studio.
Volk Award for the Best Sound (“Days of the Eclipse”).

1992. Lenfilm Studio.
Volk Award for the Best Sound (“Stone”).

1997. Lenfilm Studio.
Volk Award for the Best Sound (“Mother and son”).