Sergey Moshkov

sound operator and director of sound

Segey Moshkov was born on 17 November 1961 in Leningrad. In 1984 he graduated from the Leningrad Electro Technological Institute (Ulyanov-Lenin LETI, Radiotechnology dept).

In 1984–1985 he was doing his postgraduate studies in LETI. From 1985 till 1992 he worked as radio-technician and assistant to the director of sound for the Bolshoy Drama Theatre (Gorky ABDT, Leningrad).

Since 1992 he has been working at the Lenfilm studio within Sokurov's group (The North Foundation and Bereg Film Studio) as assistant to sound operator, sound operator, director of sound.

Sound operator and director of sound for the following Sokurov's films:

1995 — “Spiritual Voices”
1996 — “Oriental Elegy” (with E. Cavabata)
1997 — “A Humble Life”
1997 — “The St. Petersburg Diary. Inauguration of a monument to Dostoevsky”
1998 — “The St. Petersburg Diary. Kosintsev's Flat”
1998 — “Confession”
1998 — “The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn” (with V. Persov)
1999 — “dolce…”
2001 — “Elegy of a Voyage”

Feature films:
1999 — “Moloch” (with V. Persov)
2000 — “Taurus”
2002 — “Russian Ark” (with V. Persov)

Prizes and awards:

1995. Lenfilm Studio.
Volk Award for the best work of sound operator (“Spiritual Voices”).

2001. Lenfilm Studio.
The Bronze Horseman for the best work of sound operator (“Moloch” and “Taurus”).