Sergey Ivanov

film and video editor

Sergey Ivanov was born on 17 September, 1975 in Leningrad. Began working in cinema in 1999 as an assistant of the film editor in Alexander Sokurov's group on the picture “Moloch”. Since then and hitherto he has been still working in Sokurov's group, at first as an assistant of the film editor and then as a film editor. And on the pictures “Russian Ark”, “The Sun” and “Alexandra” he worked also as a supervisor of postproduction.

Film and video editor for the following Sokurov's films:

1999 — “dolce…”
2001 — “Elegy of a Voyage”
2005 — “The St. Petersburg Diary. Mozart. Requiem”
2006 — “Elegy of Life”

Feature films:
1999 — “Moloch”
2000 — “Taurus”
2003 — “Father and son”
2004 — “The Sun”
2006 — “Alexandra”